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Circuit bungalow - Bogawanthalawa

What brought you here!!! Looking for a weekend getaway for your family or looking for a location for your next outbound training. Our bungalows can provide all your needs for an ideal mind & soul relaxation to an adventure full of energy.

Sripada ( Adam's Peak)

Panoramic views of the majestic mountain and its surroundings are enjoyed from the viewing points in the area. Sripada (sacred footprint) or Samanalakande (Butterfly Mountain) has been the object of worship and pilgrimage for centuries for persons of all major religions. The British referred to this mountain as Adam's Peak. Watching the dawn from Sripada is a rare experience. On clear days you can see the shadow of the peak cast on the surrounding forest canopy as the sun rises. The 'pilgrim season' begins on the poya (full moon monthly Buddhist holiday) day in December, and runs until the start of the April monsoon. Travelling time from the centre to the base (Upcot) 1.5 hours (38 km).

The Horton Plains National Park

Renowned as one major attraction, The Horton Plains National Park is a must-visit destination for all travellers, This is a misty grassland plateau at an elevation of more than 2,000m (6,500 ft), located about 6 km from the centre. You can easily reach Bopaththalawa, Western side of the Horton Plains in a 30 minutes walk (0.5 km) after 4 km by a vehicle. Travelling time from the centre is one hour. If you wish to visit Summer hut (Western part, Horton Plains), it is 4.5 km away and entire distance can go by a vehicle. It consists of grassland interspersed with patches of forest and some unusual vegetation that grows only at high altitudes. The spectacular setting of the national park on the craggy landscape boasts a wide array of attractions and activities for its guests. From this plateau rise Sri Lanka's second and third highest mountains. The plains afford some excellent walks. The silence of the plains is strange and mysterious. The most amazing feature of Horton Plains is World's End where the southern part of the plains comes to a sudden end and drops almost straight down for 700m.

Rockhill Waterfall & Mini Hydro Plant

Regarded as one of the popular waterfalls Rockhill mini Hydro plant built in 1936 is by the side of the waterfall. This mini hydro plant is perhaps Sri Lanka's oldest hydro power plant still in operation. The plant is managed by Madulsima Regional Plantation Company and it is located about 2 km from the centre towards Hatton road.

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