Engineering aspects of Tea Processing

Pages – 130 Price – Rs. Rs. 500/-/- It is an undisputed fact that all processes need improvements and tea processing is no exception. Product quality is an aspect of business in which the business has an edge over its competitors. Of the sever..

Training Manual for Tea Pluckers

Pages – 14 Price – Rs. 150/- A publication, first of its kind to the tea industry, explains to the workers the reasons behind the various operations involved in plucking. It highlights the Do’s and Don’ts with the help pf appropria..

Training Manual for Rubber Tappers

Pages – 25 Price – Rs. Rs. 150/-/- Another publication first of it’s kind to the rubber industry, highlighting the Do’s and Dont’s in rubber tapping with the help of easily understandable appropriate caricatures. This is expe..

Managing Social Change in Plantation

Pages – 40 Price – Rs. Rs. 100/- In an enterprise where labour accounts for about 55% of the cost of production, the management’s challenge within an environment of rising wages, discernment workforce, lack of commitment, increasing abse..